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Information about group members.

Arne Lindqvist, Assistant Professor
After undergraduate studies in biomedicine and physics, I did my PhD at Karolinska Institutet in the group of Christina Karlsson Rosenthal, focusing on the function and regulation of human Cdc25 phosphatases. I then went to the Netherlands to do a postdoc in the lab of Rene Medema at University Medical Center Utrecht. There I studied the regulation of Plk1 activation and the regulation of checkpoint recovery competence by the Wip1 phosphatase. Currently, I perform crazy try-out experiments to start novel projects.
Elvira Hukasova, PhD student
My name is Elvira Hukasova, I am a PhD student in Arne Lindqvist group.

Originally I am from Chernivtsy, Ukraine, but moved to Sweden from Germany, Munich, where I studied Biochemistry at Technical University of Munich. My area of interest is cell cycle regulation in cancer.
Research focus: difference between unperturbed cell division and checkpoint recovery situation as well as interplay between DNA damage signaling and mitotic entry network.

Helena Silva Cascales, PhD student
I’m a PhD student in Arne’s lab focusing on the dynamics of the Cyclin-Cdk complexes in the human cell cycle. My main interest is to understand how these complexes regulate the progression through the different phases of the cell cycle. On top of that I am very interested in the protein networks that regulate the acitivity of the Cyclin-Cdk complexes by means of uncountable feedback and feedforward loops.
Karen Akopyan, Postdoc
The main focus of my project is investigating unperturbed cell cycle progression and the mechanisms behind mitotic entry. During G2 phase a cell is considered to prepare for mitosis, but how such preparation is coordinated with mitotic entry remains poorly understood. The key questions of this project are: ”Why is G2 needed?”, “Why G2 takes so long?” and “How the coordination of mitotic entry network happens?”. I am trying to answer these using a wide spectrum of different approaches including molecular, biophysical, biochemical approaches as well as mathematical modeling.
Bennie Lemmens, Postdoc
I am intrigued about how proliferating cells maintain genome stability. Cells are the building blocks of life and hold all the genetic material needed for organisms to survive and reproduce. In order to store this vital information cells contain a vast amount of DNA. This basic concept poses a major challenge to all living beings, as their entire genome needs to be duplicated properly every time cells divide. I joined the lab of Arne Lindqvist to study how human cells coordinate DNA replication and cell cycle progression and how imperfect DNA replication affects genome stability in cancer cells and untransformed human cells.
Lorenzo Lafranchi, Postdoc
During the course of my predoctoral studies, I became interested in the regulation of cell cycle checkpoints and how their adequate (in-)activation is of primary importance to maintain genome stability upon encountering DNA damage. Therefore, I joined the Lindqvist group to study the short- and long-term consequences of DNA damaging events on genome integrity and cellular fitness at a single-cell resolution. In particular, I am interested in better understanding the molecular mechanisms, which determine the fate of cells whose genomic integrity has been challenged by genotoxic treatments.
Anna Middleton, PhD student
My previous research was to understand the mechanism of drug resistance in cancer. Research on cell cycle regulation and the cellular response to DNA damage could answer the fundamental question of “How cancer cells escape from cell cycle controls and override therapeutics”. I am currently reading a PhD at Arne’s lab to understand the molecular mechanism of cell cycle resumption after senescence and the consequences of these events on cell cycle fidelity and genome stability.





Shravan Kumar – Masters student

Yan Zhou – Masters student

Ahmed Kheder – Exchange student

Joan-Carles Escolano – Masters student

Henriette Stoy – Masters student

Himjyot Jaiswal – Postdoc

Erik Müllers – Postdoc